A Baptism Celebration

On Sunday, July 6th Grant was baptized at 11:30 am with the help from his Godparents, Josh and Mandy. Deacon David Backes performed the celebration at Divine Mercy Church (which is the same church that I received my confirmation at!). Grant wore a super cute white satin baptismal outfit but had the baptismal gown from the Gestl family drapped over the top of him during the blessing. It was a beautiful day outside, and there were over 50 of Grant's family and friends that came to celebrate with him! Grant is so blessed to have so many wonderful people in his life, and he wants to thank everyone for all the help they gave his mom to put on such a party. Also, he absolutely loves all the gifts he received, and I love the fact that he has a college fund already started!

Three months old

Grant is THREE MONTHS OLD already! I can't believe it. Well, Grant really started to get into a nice routine this past month. No lie, we were putting him down for bed around 8:00 pm and he would sleep until around 10:00 the next morning! I would actually go in and try to pretend like I was cleaning or something just so he would wake up so I could play with him! Also this month, Grant found his vocal cords and started rolling over! Now we're in for it. Stay tuned for his first word!

Three months old was not only a big milestone for Grant, but it was also a big milestone for me...I had to go back to work. : ( Though, I can't complain...I took a little over 12 weeks off to be with him! : ) However, it was still extremely hard to get back into corporate America! Matt and I are very fortunate to have Grant's Great Aunt Kim volunteer to watch him until her school year starts back up again, but I'm sure she was regretting her decision when I couldn't even make it until 10:00 am without calling her to see how Grant was doing on the first day. Hahaha...

Intense Competition

Do not challenge Grant in a stare down...you will lose!
You actually won't even stand a chance. I've seen him go many minutes without a single blink!
I tried telling that to Oscar, but he had to see it for himself.
: )

Happy 4th of July!

Grant celebrated his very first 4th of July, and he absolutely loved it! We took him to the Oak Creek parade first thing in the morning where we met up with a lot of Grant's friends. He was even able to wave (with help) to Grandpa P. and Grandma Wendy who were in it! We then took Grant up to the legion where Grandpa P. showed him off to his friends. It was then off to Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol's house for a pig roast, and we ended the night at Randy and Leah's house to watch the Franklin fireworks from their backyard. Grant slept for approximately 12 hours straight that night! : )