WI Dells

The Gestl Family decided to join the James Family for a nice camping trip up in WI Dells. It included a fun day at the waterpark at the Wilderness, hours of fun at Knuckleheads playing games and the Tommy Bartlett show for Grant's first experience there. I think he absolutely loved it! : )

Hopefully we won't see these exact faces in 15 years while being arrested...

Happy Birthday, Daddy & Mommy!

Grant was such a good sport celebrating daddy and mommy's 28th birthday with them and all their friends and family. : )

Celebrating Turning Two!

Turning two causes for a large celebration, especially for my little boy! : ) To celebrate his birthday, we threw three different parties for him. One party was specifically the Woyak side of his life, the next party was specifically the Gestl and Hahn sides of his life and the third and final party consisted of all of his friends. We also had our very own little celebration just the three of us when we went to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum downtown the morning of his actual birthday, but it was so much fun celebrating with everyone later on.

Swinging Away!

For Grant's second birthday, all the grandparents chipped in together and bought Grant his very first swing set! Daddy and Uncle Jim put in a lot of hours building it together and all their hard work was totally worth it seeing Grant's face when he plays on it. He absolutely loves it!!


My little baby turned two years old and I feel as if I officially shouldn't call him my baby anymore. His two year check up with Dr. Quejada went as wonderful as possible. He is a very healthy boy and she said that he is developing extremely well. His weight and height are still above average, but he's consistent and that's all that matters! Haha...

Happy Easter!

This Easter was filled with lots of love and laughter and not a lot of time spent taking pictures with the Easter Bunny. Grant is now at an age where he's a little frightened of large animal costumes so we took him to the mall during off times and let him sit on the carrot chair by himself and snapped a few photos. : ) We also dyed Easter eggs as a family and woke up Easter morning searching for Grant's basket which was filled with lots of goodies (especially candy and bubbles which are two of his favorite things). We then went to Grammy and Papa's house and then Great Grandma and Grandpa Hahn's house. The Easter Bunny visited each house and left a goody for Grant all over town. He is such a blessed little boy.

Grant's First Bucks Game!

We finally took Grant to his very first Milwaukee Bucks game, and he absolutely loved it! They even won, too! Milwaukee played at the Bradley Center vs. the LA Clippers on Tuesday, March 30th and the final score was 107-89.

Yo! Gabba Gabba

On March 14, 2010 the Gestl Family traveled to the Riverside Theater downtown to witness one of the greatest live television shows ever...Yo Gabba Gabba! (Ok...joking. Kinda.) Nanny surprised us with three tickets and Grant absolutely loved it! Nanny also made all three of us outfits to wear to the show which all included Muno (one of Grant's favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character). Grant's friend Colton was also there with his parents and he had a great time, too!

Lyla Jean James

Grant's newest best friend was born on March 13, 2010. Auntie Mandy and Uncle Josh gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lyla Jean James. She is so unbelievably precious and Grant already loves helping out with her! Our Tuesday night family dinners just got so much better with her arrival!

Dance, dance, dance

Grant's a little dancing machine!

My little Travis Barker

Grant's Grandma thought it was a great idea to buy him a drum set (thanks, mom!), and he hasn't stopped drumming away ever since! Whenever we have music on in the house he has to run to his drum set and start making his own music. He even hits the drumsticks together and counts, "One, two, three" and then starts drumming! : )

Swim class

Well, we signed Grant up for swim classes, again. However, this time he absolutely loves it! We go for 30 minutes every Monday and Wednesday night with his friend Chase at the pool inside the Franklin High School.

Happy Golden Birthday...kinda!

We celebrated Grant's "golden" birthday on February 22nd. (He turned 22 months old on February 22nd.) Auntie Kristin was still up visiting, and then we also had both Grandmas, Papa, Uncle Jim, Auntie Mandy and Uncle Josh over for a nice Mexican dinner...and cake, of course!

Fun in the snow

It was a beautiful snowy day outside so we decided to get out and enjoy it a little bit. Grant didn't enjoy getting all bundled up but I'm pretty sure he thought it was worth it once we got outside. He laughed the entire time watching daddy and Oscar run around the yard in the snow. We pulled Grant around in his little penguin sled and then busted out the new sled that his Grandma bought him this year and went down the hill in our backyard with daddy.

Nolan Jonathan Stikl

Papa with his two grandsons. Grant's first "boy" cousin was born on February 4, 2010! My sister, Rachel, and her husband, Jon, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. These two are going to cause so much trouble together, and I can't wait!

Messy little lunch

Grant keeps saying, "Cheese!" because he thinks I'm taking a picture of him and not a video!

He gets his cheese from me!

My little cheeseball...

Grant...Ryan Grant that is...

The Gestl Family in our Grant jerseys.
Too bad it didn't produce a Packers' win!
: (

Grant's 2nd New Year's Eve!

Grant also celebrated his second New Year’s Eve! As always, we headed over to the Lindner house for a great dinner, some great company and definitely great games and fun! Grant was able to stay up until 9:00, but then we put him down in his pack’n’play in a back room while the rest of us stayed up to ring the new year in.


Grant finally hosted his first playdate on December 30th. For a little over a year now, a few of my friends and our children have been getting together once a month for some pizza and to just let the kids play together while us girls catch up (and sometimes husbands, too!). It’s always so nice to see all my girlfriends and it’s also nice to get Grant some interaction with other kids.

Grant's 2nd Christmas!

Wow! I apologize for such a late entry, but I just realized that I never posted a blog regarding Grant’s 2nd Christmas! Well, as you can safely assume…it was a busy one! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends to share this holiday season with. Christmas at our house amazingly lasts almost an entire month and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We hosted Christmas morning at our new house this year (had my mom over right away in the morning for coffee/light breakfast and gift opening and then the Gestl family over for the big ham brunch and more gift opening) and that worked out extremely nicely for us because we didn’t have to get out of our pajamas (and into the cold!) and we were able to put Grant down for a nap as soon as he started to get sleepy. He did much better this year than last year in regards to opening up his own presents. However, once he opened the first one then it was all over and he just wanted to play and didn’t care that he had so many more presents to open! Again, you can safely assume that Santa was very good to him this year because he was such a good boy. A few of his favorite presents includes the Wall-E robot and table from my mom, the play kitchen set from Nanny, the Harley and baby grand piano from Papa and Grandma Wendy and the basketball hoop from Grammy and Papa.