Pumpkin Farm

The Gestl Family made our traditional (2nd year in a row can qualify as a tradition already, right?!) trip to Swan’s Pumpkin Farm. This time we made the trip with the Freimark Family along, as well! It was an extremely cold Sunday and we decided to dress the boys up in costumes (kind of wanted to dress them up because it was so darn cute and kind of wanted to dress them up because the costumes were so darn warm). Grant was a roaring tiger and Own was the most adorable monkey that you would have ever seen!

Grant absolutely loved the pumpkins! He was running all over the place, sitting with the pumpkins, trying to pick up the pumpkins and even found white pumpkins that I think he thought were soccer balls and was kicking them all around. We all went on the boys’ very first hay ride and Grant continued to say “Vroom, vroom” the entire time looking at the tractor. We then ate lunch and drank hot apple cider before heading over to the Freimark Farm for carving of pumpkins. (See photo of the moment for my favorite pumpkin.)


As I mentioned earlier, we all went to Dallas for an extended weekend (Friday morning – Tuesday afternoon). It was such a great vacation for all of us, and we all had such a blast. Also as I stated earlier, we were going down there to attend Matt’s cousin Jenny’s wedding to Adam so we had a lot of family festivities to keep us busy. We still wake up every morning thanking God for having such a wonderful Nanny for Grant, and she continued to amaze us on this trip and she also flew down to be with us for the majority of the weekend (with her son and one of our best friends, Ross).
On Friday night, Matt and I attended the rehearsal dinner with all of the other adults while Grant hung out with Nanny and Ross in their hotel room. The rehearsal dinner was at a beautiful restaurant in downtown Fort Worth, and then we all headed to the bar on the rooftop for some after dinner drinks. On Saturday, Matt, Grant, Nanny, Ross, Uncle Jim and I all visited the Fort Worth Zoo during the day. It was the most beautiful zoo that I have ever been to! Then, we came home in the afternoon and got ready for the wedding ceremony. In fear that Grant may scream and be a distraction on the wedding video, Grant stayed with Nanny and Ross in our hotel room while we attended the beautiful ceremony at the chapel on TCF. We then proceeded to the dinner reception at the Fort Worth Club which was absolutely amazing! Since our hotel room was also at the Fort Worth Club, Matt and I went to get Grant right after dinner so he could come up to the reception for some dancing. It was a great night!
Sunday morning, Nanny and Ross left for home and we attended the opening of the gifts brunch which was hosted at the clubhouse in Jenny’s subdivision. We then proceeded to check in to our next hotel (in Dallas now), and then ended the evening at Matt’s Aunt Joann’s house for a delicious dinner.
On Monday, Matt, Grant and I did a lot of sightseeing! We did downtown Dallas, saw where Kennedy was shot, saw Rangers Stadium and the brand new arena that the Dallas Cowboys play in (boo!), and then went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Grant absolutely loved seeing all the gigantic fish at his eye level (see picture above). We then did a little shopping at the Grapevine Mills Mall, ate dinner and had to check out their local Chuck’E’Cheese! (It’s exactly the same as ours in Wisconsin. It even had the same bratty kids that skip and try to steal your tickets.) : )Tuesday morning we were able to sleep in a little bit, eat breakfast at the hotel and then head to the airport for our wonderful flight home (and I mean wonderful…Grant slept on our laps for almost an entire hour of the flight!). It was a great end to an even greater vacation.

Grant earns his wings

Grant went on his very first plane ride! The Gestl family all flew down to Dallas, Texas on September 18th via Midwest Airlines in order to attend Jenny and Adam Fox’s wedding. We had a morning flight that was not booked to capacity which was extremely nice because we were able to have an entire row of seats to ourselves! It was a little exhausting for Matt and I because we were constantly pulling tricks out of our bag to keep him entertained, but overall he did very well. He watched a few minutes of about 5 different movies, he played with every toy that I could fit in our carry-on that didn’t make noise, he drank over 32 ounces of water and he ate almost all of the snacks that I could legally bring on the plane. It was a fun two and a half hours! Right when we landed we put him in his stroller and he was sleeping by the time walked to our rental car facility.