18 months old

Holy cow. My baby is not a baby anymore! Grant turned 18 months old, and he is already 27 lbs 8 oz and in the upper 97th percentile for his height (35 ¼”). “What has he been up to”, you ask? I say, “What hasn’t he been up to?” He has imaginary conversations that leaves me wondering if he actually thinks he’s saying real words, he counts to 10 with you (however, the only numbers you can recognize are three, four, five and ten…and ten is screamed with pure delight for finishing), he says the alphabet with you (and by that, I mean he says “I” in the correct note for the entire song until he says correctly “G”, “elemenopee”, “S”, “T” and “Z”, he tells me the sounds of almost every animal that I know the sounds to and he also points to the correct colors and shapes on his learning boards. I really now understand why people call children sponges because he absolutely observes and mimics every little thing that Matt and I do even down to our sneezes. He has us laughing every single day and I couldn’t be a more happy mom.

Swim Class

Grant had his very first swim class at Franklin High School last Thursday night (October 29th), and he had an absolute blast! My friend, Dina and her husband Neil also bring their son, Seth, to the same class and he is only 2 days older than Grant. The swim class basically consists of jumping around, splashing water and signing (No, Grant isn’t going to actually be swimming by the end of the session). It sure does wear Grant out, though! The class runs every Tuesday and Thursday night for 6 weeks and Matt goes in the water with him every Tuesday and I get every Thursday. So far, he seems to really be enjoying it!

Grant's Last Supper (in our first house)

We officially closed on our house on Wednesday, October 28th. Therefore, the night before, we gave Grant one last awesome supper in our house. We gave him everything that he likes; grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwich and cocoa puffs. I know it wasn’t very nutritious, but it was a special occasion for him!...He was leaving the first house he ever lived in! Ok, perhaps I was a little sadder than he was, but it was still a special moment for us. And now we’re homeless for exactly 20 days. Fun, fun.

Trick or Treat

Grant went on his very first trick or treat trip on Sunday, October 25th. The weather was absolutely beautiful when we all met up at Mrs. Henderson’s house in Oak Creek. Grant and his buddies Evan, Emmalee, Logan and Colton were all the Milwaukee Brewers’ Racing Sausages. Grant went as Chorizo, Evan was the Hot Dog, Emmalee was the Polish, Logan was the Bratwurst and Colton was the Italian. Grant was able to walk to the entire trip, and he got lots of good candy for me to eat! : )