On August 23rd, Matt, Grant, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jon, Tyler, Anna and I all went to Zoo-a-la-carte. Grant has been to the zoo many times before, but this was his first a-la-carte trip! He absolutely loved it. We realized that Grant is just about to get to the age where he can’t stay in the stroller for much longer than 30 minutes or so. Therefore, we had to keep taking him in and out of the stroller so he could run around a bit. But, boy…do we have to keep track of holding on to his hand very tightly because he tries to let go and the second he gets a glimpse of freedom…he takes off! It’s kind of funny for right now. Haha…he had Auntie Rachel on her toes as she helped out a lot. : ) We also met up with Grandpa P, Grandma Wendy and two of their friends to see a Styx tribute band that was really good. We ended up staying for about 5 hours and Grant hung in there the whole time! It was a great day. : )

Crooked Lake

On August 22nd, Matt, Grant, Aunt Mandy, Uncle Josh, Aunt Kristin and I all headed up to Crooked Lake to meet up with the rest of the Woyak family. My grandparents used to take my dad and all my aunts and uncles there when they were little and they all squeezed inside two cabins. Matt and I decided that Grant is still just a tad bit too young to do the whole camping in a tent thing (we basically just don’t think he would ever go to sleep if he can hear all of us outside). So, we drove up for the day and had a blast. It was absolutely freezing (ok, so maybe it was like 65 or so, but for an August day…it seemed as if it were freezing). Therefore, we did a lot of games and playing in the sand instead of laying out and swimming. Since we didn’t have a tent with us, Matt had to take Grant on a little ride in order for him to get a little bit of a snooze in and then he was good for the rest of the day! We left around dinner time, and we were home by the time the Packer’s pre-season game started. : )
(Picture above is Grant with his Great Uncle Jesse, Great Uncle Bobby and Great Aunt Teri)

Cream Puff!

Matt, Grant and I decided to tackle the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair this year on Monday, August 10th. The day brought beautiful weather, and Grant had an absolute blast looking at all of the animals. We realized that it was a little harder now to keep him entertained while staying in his stroller because he really likes to get out and run around, however, we were able to give him a few opportunities to get rid of some energy. Before we knew it, it was 2:30 (WAY past Grant’s nap time) and we were on the verge of a huge breakdown from him if we didn’t get the heck out of dodge…so he didn’t get his cream puff. : (

However, Grant’s Auntie Kristin gave us three free tickets so we decided to all try it again on the fair’s very last day and this time brought my mom with, too! Grant got a little tired towards the end of this trip, as well, so we quick bought a 6-pack to go and went home. Once Grant woke up from his nap, we gave him his cream puff surprise and boy, did he love it! He liked it so much that he was actually giggling while eating it! It sure was a mess, but it was worth it. He had the entire thing in his belly in 15 minutes flat, and Oscar was right there with every bite to help him clean up the falling cream!

15 months old

Grant had his 15 month check up and it went absolutely wonderfully. He loves his pediatrician, Dr. Quejada. She informed us that Grant is still in the 95th percentile for his height (33 ¼ in.), and his weight landed him in the 60th percentile (25 lbs. 6.5 oz.) with his head being exactly the 75th percentile ever since he was born. I think he’s going to be a tall, thin boy just like what his daddy was! I think Grant is pretty much doing everything that an average 15 month old is doing. He runs just about everywhere he goes now, he climbs up onto furniture (I turned my head for a second the other day and when I looked back he was standing on top of our end table in the living room!), he is desperately trying to communicate to us in any way possible, he feeds himself if it’s something that he can pick up or stab with his fork and he gives me kisses all the time (or at least every time I ask for one). He is such a good baby. Is he still a baby? I guess he’s my little toddler now, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for us!


More proof that Grant was sent straight from heaven…his molars are coming in with full force and he still is normal happy-go-lucky self! Within the last week, Grant went from having 7 teeth, to having 11! Poor guy. The only reason we know that he is teething is because he gets his routine “teething diaper rash” that he gets every single time teeth are popping thru and his #2s are… (well, I will just stop there but you can tell where I was going with that). He has been waking up at night which is very unlike him, but we comfort him and sometimes give him a little Baby Tylenol and he goes right back to bed. What a little angel!!

First Brewers Game!

Thanks to Grant’s best friend, Evan’s, parents we were able to take Grant to his very first Brewers game on Wednesday, July 29th. As soon as Matt got home from work, we (along with Auntie Kristin) packed up and were off to meet up with the Hendersons for a little tailgating beforehand. It was a 7:05 pm game, so we weren’t quite sure how it was going to go considering Grant usually goes to bed around 8:30, but he did absolutely wonderful! As soon as we walked in, Ryan Braun hit an RBI and the crowd went wild! I’m pretty sure that Grant thought the entire stadium was cheering for him so he brought his ‘A’ game out and was laughing, clapping and screaming uncontrollably. It was downright hilarious. Thanks to the great pitching by Manny Parra, the Brewers beat the Washington Nationals 7-5. It was a great night.