Six months old

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Grant! Well, our Chunky Monkey isn’t the chunkiest one on the block anymore! At Grant’s 6 month check-up he weighed 19 lbs. 8 oz. which only put him in the 80th percentile this time! No more upper 97th percentile for him! He was 28 in. long which put his height in the 90th percentile, and his doctor said that everything else looked great! She was surprised by how good he sits up all by himself, and she had him cracking up in the exam room…all up until the nurse came in to give him his routine shots. He didn’t like those at all, but thankfully it was nap time immediately following and he just crashed on the car ride home.

This month was very exciting for Grant because his future BFF was born! Evan Cole Henderson was born on September 30th. Though they are both still too young to play together, I can see the beginnings of a great friendship!

Grant also went on his second road trip this month! We went and visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Woyak up north. While up there, we took him to a Pumpkin Fest and he loved playing in the leaves outside and singing in church.

Grant also really enjoyed visiting Grandpa P at work for his birthday. Who knows?...Maybe we have a little letter carrier in him!

My Wittle Weepublican

Though, still too young to vote, Grant is already showing very promising signs. He has watched all the political debates and has made the very intelligent decision to throw his support behind McCain/Palin. Let’s hope they win!!

My lil Pumpkin

Grant and his buddy, Oliver, went to Swan's Pumpkin Farm to pick out their pumpkins together for this fall. They were super cute, and I think they had a really great time!


So, cereal twice a day just wasn’t enough for Grant anymore. We decided to start actual baby food, and it has been a real adventure! His first feeding was the very scrumptious squash. The facial expressions that were coming from Grant were absolutely priceless while he tried to swallow the disgusting slime down. However, since eating is his favorite pastime, he changed his opinion on squash fairly quickly. He went from basically choking it down…to mad at me for doing this to him…to absolutely loving it. By the third day, Grant could down an entire jar in under 5 minutes. He’s so impressive. Hahaha…

Sit happens...

My little guy is growing up so fast! He now sits up all on his own!…Well, ok…he tips over fairly often, but give me a break!...He can at least sit up for a little bit all on his own, and that is pretty much our most exciting thing to happen to us lately. : )