St. Nick

Since Grant was a very good boy this year, he woke up Sunday morning with a stocking full of treats from good ‘ol St. Nick (actually a few stockings & toys from a few different loved ones, as well!). The first thing that he pulled out of his stocking was a packet of fruit snacks and that was the end of it…he didn’t even look any further and just devoured the entire packet. After that, he played with a few of his new toys, however, his favorite was something not even found in his stocking. He loves to take his drumstick and bang it over and over again on top of the tin that Christmas cookies come in. Look out Tommy Lee! : )

New Home!

It was very bittersweet, but we have officially moved into our new house! We were very excited to not be homeless anymore, but I’m sure that Matt’s parents were even more excited than us. We closed on our old house on October 28th, but didn’t close on our new house until November 17th (with a move in date of November 21st)…which left a few weeks for the Gestls to enjoy the nomad life. We stayed at my dad’s house the first week (while he and Wendy vacationed in Florida), then we stayed the second week at the Freimark Farm (while they vacationed in Arizona) and we finished the rest of our nomadic life at the Gestls house in Oak Creek. Though Matt and I were very sad to say goodbye to the home that we started our family in, we look forward to making many new and wonderful memories in our new home.