Dance, dance, dance

Grant's a little dancing machine!

My little Travis Barker

Grant's Grandma thought it was a great idea to buy him a drum set (thanks, mom!), and he hasn't stopped drumming away ever since! Whenever we have music on in the house he has to run to his drum set and start making his own music. He even hits the drumsticks together and counts, "One, two, three" and then starts drumming! : )

Swim class

Well, we signed Grant up for swim classes, again. However, this time he absolutely loves it! We go for 30 minutes every Monday and Wednesday night with his friend Chase at the pool inside the Franklin High School.

Happy Golden Birthday...kinda!

We celebrated Grant's "golden" birthday on February 22nd. (He turned 22 months old on February 22nd.) Auntie Kristin was still up visiting, and then we also had both Grandmas, Papa, Uncle Jim, Auntie Mandy and Uncle Josh over for a nice Mexican dinner...and cake, of course!

Fun in the snow

It was a beautiful snowy day outside so we decided to get out and enjoy it a little bit. Grant didn't enjoy getting all bundled up but I'm pretty sure he thought it was worth it once we got outside. He laughed the entire time watching daddy and Oscar run around the yard in the snow. We pulled Grant around in his little penguin sled and then busted out the new sled that his Grandma bought him this year and went down the hill in our backyard with daddy.

Nolan Jonathan Stikl

Papa with his two grandsons. Grant's first "boy" cousin was born on February 4, 2010! My sister, Rachel, and her husband, Jon, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. These two are going to cause so much trouble together, and I can't wait!

Messy little lunch

Grant keeps saying, "Cheese!" because he thinks I'm taking a picture of him and not a video!

He gets his cheese from me!

My little cheeseball...

Grant...Ryan Grant that is...

The Gestl Family in our Grant jerseys.
Too bad it didn't produce a Packers' win!
: (