Wisconsin Dells...Again! : )

Matt and I decided to take Grant to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary (Aunt Kristin joined us for the majority of the trip as well, which was nice). We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite at the Atlantis right on the strip which was extremely convenient. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Josh were also staying in the Dells to celebrate their one year anniversary so we were able to meet up with them a few times. We drove up on Saturday afternoon and spent that afternoon/night shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall, ordering Moosejaw pizza and hanging out with everyone in the room while the Brewer’s game was on. We also spent a lot of time playing with Grant in our whirlpool tub in our room. He loved turning the jets on and off. On Sunday, Matt and I went to look into a Wyndham Vacation timeshare while Aunt Kristin hung out with Grant. When Matt and I were finished, we all met up for a ride on the Dells Army Ducks. We bought Grant a “quacker” that he could just not get enough of! He blew into that thing the entire rest of the day! (See picture above. We couldn’t even get it out of his mouth long enough to take a picture!) We then all went to Monk’s for dinner, and Grant continued to play with his quacker. On Monday morning, we woke up and headed right for our hotel’s waterpark. Grant had a lot of fun going down the slides with daddy. We then decided to have Marley’s for lunch because it was almost right next door to our hotel, and then Kristin had to head home. After Grant’s nap, we decided to hit up the shops downtown and take a walk along the river. Matt and I then took Grant to Buffalo Phil’s for dinner and then decided to play at Knucklehead’s indoor theme park for the remainder of the night. Grant was a bit too short for most of the rides, but he sure did have fun playing with all the buttons on the games. We even won enough tickets to buy him a few small prizes. Then, on Tuesday we spent the entire day at Mt. Olympus and had an absolute blast! That place was so huge! They had a huge outdoor and indoor waterpark as well as roller coasters, rides and go-carts. After about 5 hours of running around that place, Grant completely crashed in his stroller on our walk to our vehicle and we headed straight home from there. What a great weekend!

Great Grandma Gestl

Grant always has a blast visiting his Great Grandma Gestl. He loves exploring around her apartment at Franciscan Courts, and he especially loves it when she takes him on rides on her walker to get ice cream from the parlor. : )