Weekly Target Run

Grant loves playing in Target just as much as I do!

Happy Easter!

Grant not only survived his very first Easter, but he also had an absolute blast! It was almost like a late Christmas or an early birthday for him with all of the stops that the Easter Bunny made for him. His Easter celebration began a few days early by receiving his very first Easter basket from his best bud Evan's parents! It was then that he realized that he was going to love this holiday! Next, Aunt Kristin and I took Grant to Southridge Mall to sit on the Easter bunny's lap. He loved the Easter bunny so much that he kept wanting to play with him. (Is the Easter bunny a "him"?) His Easter celebration continued with his Aunt Mandy receiving her confirmation at the Easter Vigil held at St. Louis church (that Grant couldn't handle due to more teeth coming through). She and Uncle Josh got Grant a super cute Easter basket with his name personalized on it and lots of goodies on the inside, too! Then, Easter morning Grant had to look for his basket from the Easter Bunny himself and he found it right away! (I should note that it was just sitting on his favorite chair, but hey...we couldn't make it too hard for an 11 month old!) After searching for his basket, we dyed a dozen Easter eggs together as a family. Grant got pretty bored almost immediately...so he went to play with daddy while I finished up. We then went to Grandma and Grandpa Gestl's house at 11:00, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Hahn's house at 4:00. He loves getting together with family, and he loves it even more when he gets Easter baskets from everyone!