Uncle Josh & Aunt Mandy did it again!

Grant’s Godparents love to spoil him rotten, and they bought him a ball pit to go in the toy area of the basement. I’ve never heard him continuously laugh as long as he did when he played in that thing for the first time. He loves his ball pit, and he loves his Uncle Josh and Aunt Mandy even more!

Festa Italiana

On Saturday, July 18th me, Kristin and Grant’s Nanny, Roxanne all took Grant to Festa Italiana. Though, I do not believe he has any Italian heritage, he still had an absolute blast. Roxanne bought us all an Italian frittelle, and Grant loved it! He kept signing for more…it was hilarious. We then walked over to a stage where a band was playing and let Grant run around and dance for a little bit. Before we left we made sure to take Grant on a carousal ride and show him the Pinocchio sand sculpture. His afternoon nap was about 3 hours long!

Now possible = hiking

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were taking Grant on a walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a rummage sale. Though, I don’t normally care for other people’s crap…we saw a baby backpack carrier that I couldn’t pass up! For only $10.00 we can now take Grant on hikes and to the dog park with Oscar. Just the other day when Matt and I were both off on a Monday we took Grant hiking in Grant Park, and had an awesome time. He absolutely loved being on daddy’s back. However, since we had to keep Oscar on a leash the entire hike, we then went to the dog park and walked around there a few times with Grant still in tow and loving it!


I’m not sure where he learned it from, but Grant’s smile is getting cheesier and cheesier by the day. At first I was wondering if he squints his eyes because the flash is too bright, but I realized that there is rarely a flash on our new camera…so that can’t be it. Either way, I love it. Perhaps he likes to simply cheese it up in front of a camera as much his mother does! : )
(Picture taken at Grant's first Pat McCurdy concert.)

Zoo Train

Grant's Uncle Josh and Aunt Mandy bought Matt and I a family zoo pass for our birthdays the last two years, and we just absolutely love taking Grant there. He goes a few times a month, but this last time was Grant's very first time on the train. We weren't sure how he would be, but the second he saw it pull up he had a HUGE smile on his face! We knew that it was going to be a hit. When it was our turn to hop on board, Grant actually started to giggle and this beautiful giggle didn't end until the train stopped. I can't wait to take him back next!

Happy 4th of July!

What an amazing 4th of July! Grant's 2nd Independance Day started with the Oak Creek parade at 9:00 am. We met up with approximately 30 of our friends and their children in our "usual spot". (And by "usual spot"...I mean the spot that we sat last year!) : ) Grant absolutely LOVED the parade. He sat in Matt's lap almost the entire time (which is amazing...I don't think he has ever sat in one spot for longer than 5 minutes prior to this day). Grant clapped, waved and smiled at every float and vehicle driving by. He especially loved the truck that Grandpa P. and Grandma Wendy were in! After the parade, it was Grant's nap time so we had a few friends over for some awesome turkey burgers (my fav!) while Grant slept. When he woke up we then took him to my cousin Jimmy's graduation/leaving for the Marines party. We had four car loads full each following each other all the way from my house to my aunt and uncle's house in Brookfield. It was a great party, and Grant even enjoyed going in the jumping house that they rented. : ) After the party, Grant crashed on the way home and then went straight to bed while I went with the girls to the Oak Creek fireworks. Even though we missed about 5 other parties because it's a little harder to make so many different stops now with a little one...I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to spend with my family and friends. Happy Birthday, America!

Road Trip...Again!

The Freimark Family was very generous to invite us to their house on Hawk Lake in Upper Michigan, and we had such a great time. It was a 5 hour drive that we made in about 7 hours. Haha…Luckily we planned our travel times pretty well around the babies’ sleep schedules, but it was still a little hard to get Grant to go down when he could see me sitting in the back of the SUV with him. I actually held a blanket up so he couldn’t see me from Greendale all the way to Oshkosh! The rest of the weekend was spent in the house watching Grant and Owen play together. Ok…maybe not quite, but give them about one more year and they’re going to be the best of buds playing together all the time! : )