Five months old

The love of my life turned 5 months old today, and I can't believe it. This month has been filled with tons of smiles, giggles and full blown laughter. Just days after I was busy bragging about how Grant has been sleeping completely through the night ever since he was 8 weeks old...Grant decided to start waking up a few times a night! We realized that our chunky monkey needed more food! So, I called his doctor to ask what she recommended we do, and we have now started feeding Grant 8 ounces in every bottle AND cereal twice a day! He's my growing little man. : )

He is also my rolling little man! Grant has been rolling all over the place now. He has been able to "skootch" himself off of the blanket that we laid on the ground for him, too, so we can't wait for him to start crawling! Well, actually he is probably a lot easier right now! : )

Grandpa Grant

Our little guy is growing up so quickly, but we can't help but call him Grandpa Grant when we see this picture. He's my little old man! : )