Grant's First Trip to the Zoo

As Grant gets a little older, I've been getting a little more brave to take him out into the world. My best friend, Kristin, and I went to the zoo today, and Grant absolutely loved it! He was a natural with the animals, and I pushed his stroller up to the edge of all the cages so he could have his picture taken with all his new friends. As we left, I thought to myself "this was probably my last cheap trip to the zoo because from here on out Grant is probably going to talk Matt and I into buying him everything that he sees at this place"...and it was then that I appreciated him still being a baby! : )

Dreaming of milk...

I have never had my heart melt so much than how it melts when Grant smiles.
This makes everything that I went through with my pregnancy absolutely worth it.
I am so in love.

Two months old

This has officially been the fastest two months of my entire life. I can not believe that Grant is already two months old! What else I can't believe is that he already weighs 14 pounds 6 ounces! He is in the 97th percentile for his weight, 75th percentile for his length and 90th percentile for his head. His doctor was very pleased with his progress and said that he is a very healthy little boy!

This last month was very fun filled with firsts for Grant. Besides going on his first picnic, Grant also went on his very first getaway! The three of us drove up north in order to attend my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party. He was such a good passenger, and it even took five hours to get home because of detours due to flooding. It was a little nice to get home after the weekend and get back to our routine, but I think Grant had fun visiting with all his family members. Also this month, Grant attended his first wedding! My best friend, Kristin, got married and Grant was a perfect guest in church...staying quiet through the entire ceremony. He even made a quick appearance at the reception and I'm pretty sure he wanted to stay to dance the night away like his parents!

The remainder of his second month was spent eating and watching Brewer's games. : )

Grant's First Picnic

Since Grant was basically named after Grant Park in South Milwaukee where Matt and I went on one of our first dates, we thought it was only fitting to take him there for his very first picnic. It was a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and we took full advantage of it. Matt and I grabbed a blanket and some subs and found a perfect private patch of grass in the park for the four of us (Oscar joined, too!).
*NOTE: Grant was not harmed while taking this photo. He was only in the sun for as long as it took to take this picture and then went right back in the shade.