Ten months old

Well, I wish that I had more to write about this month, but I'm either really tired or not too much is new. Grant just turned ten months old, and he is on his way to some exciting things! He is on the verge of walking very soon. He likes to pull himself up onto furniture or walls and then walks alongside them with assistance. Sometimes he will pull his hands away just to show us that he can, but then he will quickly fall onto his behind. It's pretty cute. Oh, and how could I forget?!...I think his rolling days are finally done. His preferred mode of transportation is now officially the crawl. Finally!

We found out this month that Grant LOVES his cat, Shelby. Everytime she is in the room he gets extremely excited and tries to get to her as quickly as possible. We're trying to teach him how to pet "nicely", but sometimes he gets a good smack or a pull of the tail in there. I think she's starting to warm up to him a little better, though.

Also this month, Mandy, Joe and I took Grant to the zoo on a beautiful Saturday morning, and I think he really enjoyed it! I can't wait to take him there this summer. Hopefully he will be walking by then! Haha...

He also attended Great Grandpa Hahn's birthday dinner and Cousin Sam's birthday party this month. He had lots of fun at both, and I always have fun watching him have fun! : )

Happy Valentine's Day!

Grant celebrated his very first Valentine's Day and he was a true gentelman! He stayed sleeping just long enough for Matt to make me crepes for breakfast (my absolute favorite!). Then, he woke up and spent the day playing with me. He even bought me a beautiful card and even more beautiful roses! I love my little man. Later in the day we went to the Lindner's house to play Wii all night long and found out that Grant loves golf! What a great, low key day with the one's that I love.

How lucky am I?

This is what I get to wake up every morning to.
: )