Grant's 2nd New Year's Eve!

Grant also celebrated his second New Year’s Eve! As always, we headed over to the Lindner house for a great dinner, some great company and definitely great games and fun! Grant was able to stay up until 9:00, but then we put him down in his pack’n’play in a back room while the rest of us stayed up to ring the new year in.


Grant finally hosted his first playdate on December 30th. For a little over a year now, a few of my friends and our children have been getting together once a month for some pizza and to just let the kids play together while us girls catch up (and sometimes husbands, too!). It’s always so nice to see all my girlfriends and it’s also nice to get Grant some interaction with other kids.

Grant's 2nd Christmas!

Wow! I apologize for such a late entry, but I just realized that I never posted a blog regarding Grant’s 2nd Christmas! Well, as you can safely assume…it was a busy one! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends to share this holiday season with. Christmas at our house amazingly lasts almost an entire month and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We hosted Christmas morning at our new house this year (had my mom over right away in the morning for coffee/light breakfast and gift opening and then the Gestl family over for the big ham brunch and more gift opening) and that worked out extremely nicely for us because we didn’t have to get out of our pajamas (and into the cold!) and we were able to put Grant down for a nap as soon as he started to get sleepy. He did much better this year than last year in regards to opening up his own presents. However, once he opened the first one then it was all over and he just wanted to play and didn’t care that he had so many more presents to open! Again, you can safely assume that Santa was very good to him this year because he was such a good boy. A few of his favorite presents includes the Wall-E robot and table from my mom, the play kitchen set from Nanny, the Harley and baby grand piano from Papa and Grandma Wendy and the basketball hoop from Grammy and Papa.