Weekend at the Waterpark

To celebrate our 27th birthdays, Matt and I thought it would be fun to go to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Matt and I have been there many times before, but it was Grant’s first! We stayed in a two bedroom suite with my mom, my grandma and my cousin Sam all joining us. Kristin drove up to join us for the day and Mandy, Josh, Joe, Terri and Dennis were all also staying at the resort in a different room. This resort had three indoor waterparks and boy did that cause baby overload! Haha…

We left Sunday morning and went to Monk’s immediately for lunch. A few of us then went on a horse and buggy ride before hitting the first waterpark. Grant was definitely not sure about anything that he was seeing. He knew that he liked water, but was not too sure about this much of it all at once! Therefore, I took him back to our room to play with his familiar toys and ordered Moosejaw pizza (our favorite!). That night Matt and my mom went to Ho Chunk Casino and came back with more money than they left with…so that’s always a good thing!

Day two was Matt’s birthday! Yay! We started the day at Paul Bunyan’s for breakfast and then headed back to the waterpark where we had a cabana reserved for the day. Grant liked this waterpark slightly better than the other one because it had a lot more room for him to run around (and not get sprayed by water in the mean time). After a tiring day in the water, all 11 of us went to Damon’s for dinner and to catch the Brewer’s game on their huge screen TV.

Our last day came way too quickly, but we decided to do a little “dry park” action that day and go to the arcade instead of press our luck with another waterpark. Between all of us, we ended up “winning” Sam over 1,000 tickets so she could pick out some nice prizes. We then went to Survivors for lunch and headed home…relaxed and tired. What a great weekend away!

One year old

So, as if turning one isn’t fun enough…we actually had some business to take care of! Grant had to go in for his one year doctor’s check-up. He loves his doctor…so I think he was looking forward to it. : )

Grant is measuring 32” long which still lands him in the upper 97th percentile for his height, and he weighs 23 lbs 10 oz which puts him in the 65th percentile for his weight. Other than statistics, we were able to tell her everything that Grant has been up to lately! He now is basically running around the house getting into anything and everything. He blows out lights and candles (which he had lots of practice with this last month!), he gives kisses (he blows you a kiss or just sticks his lips together and leans towards you), he will do sign language for “more” anytime he wants more of something, he sticks his hands up in the air whenever we say “touchdown” and he has the ability to melt my entire heart just by laying his head down on me to rest. His next doctor’s appointment is not until he is 15 months old. In the mean time, we’re going to start working on introducing him to more of our everyday food and start getting him to like drinking from a sippy cup more often.

Grant in Grant Park

Like I stated earlier, we took Grant to “His Park” on his birthday, but what I didn’t mention was that we went there with our friend, TJ, who is an amazing photographer! TJ took over 400 pictures of Grant so we can have some great keepsakes for his one year birthday. This is just one of our many favorites! : )


Is this post for real?! Is my baby seriously one year old already? I know that I have said it before, but I am going to say it again…I absolutely can not believe how fast the time has gone! I guess the saying is correct…time really does fly when you’re having fun. And boy did we have fun celebrating my baby’s big birthday (or should I say birth month?!). It all started on April 5th when he had his very first fiesta. Since our basement was not finished on time to hold all of the Woyak family, my dad and Wendy let us host the party at their house. It was such a wonderful time, and all of the Woyaks were there. Grant was a little cranky at first, but the next morning I found that a tooth had popped thru…so in retrospect, he was a real trooper! His next birthday party was on April 19th and that party was held in our newly finished basement. This party’s attendees included the Gestl and the Hahn Families, and Grant was loving every minute of this party!

Then, his actual birthday came! Since April 22nd fell on a Wednesday this year, Matt and I both took vacation to spend the day with Grant. After his morning nap we (along with Aunt Kristin) took Grant to Monkey Joe’s in Waukesha to play on all of the inflatable slides. He didn’t like the big slides that we went down with him on too much, but I think he really enjoyed the toddler area with daddy (not to mention Kristin and I loved playing Deal or No Deal!). He was so tuckered out that we took him home for a much needed nap. Once he woke up we took him to Grant Park (or as we like to call “His Park”). It started to get a little chilly outside so we headed back to our house for dinner and cake with a few of Grant’s closest loved ones. Aunt Mandy and Uncle Josh brought him three balloons which ended up being one of his favorite gifts! I never knew how much he liked balloons until then! After all of the festivities, Grant crashed and slept for 13 hours straight that night!

The next Friday, Grant hosted a playdate with a few of mommy’s best friends along with their little ones, and then Grant had his very last first fiesta on Sunday, April 26th with even more of his closest friends. Whew! I think that is all! Overall in the month of April, Grant hosted get togethers for over 100 of his friends and family members and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Next year, however, we are having one party and that’s it! Haha…


Our basement is finally done! This entire project started with a great idea to turn our basement into a rec room, and it ended with a lot of blood, sweat and well…maybe not tears but close enough! I really have to hand it to him…Matt did a wonderful job with everything. I have to admit, it was only my idea…and from that point forward I just took care of Grant while Matt and his amazing helpers worked countless hours down there. We started the project in January and with only working on it one or maybe two days a week, we finished in April (the night before Grant’s first birthday party…to be exact!). It’s amazing how you can realize just how many toys a little guy has when they are all in a central location now! Grant loves playing in his play area now, too! Special thanks to my Grandpa, Jim, Dave, Aaron, Eric and Schaefer for all of your help with this!