Nine months old

Grant just turned 9 months old, and this was his busiest month so far! It was filled with lots of ups and downs, but it was overall a great month. : ) Grant's 9 month doctor's appointment went great! He is now 21 lbs. 11.5 oz. and 30.5 in. long. His weight sets him in the 75th percentile, but his height puts him in the upper 97th percentile! I think he may be a tall one! With his daddy standing tall at 6'4", I can't say that I'm surprised. This doctor's visit also entailed some blood work in which Grant just looked at the nurse and smiled. Matt and I were both cracking up. However, he wasn't smiling when he was receiving his shots! He only cried for about a minute, though, and then he was back to his smiley self.

On December 23rd Grant received his very first hair cut! My good friend, Katie Peppey, does my hair as well and she cut Grant's hair in the middle of my dye job. He did such a great job sitting still. All we had to do was plop him on my lap and let him lick a sucker! It was funny. Then, Grant survived all of the Christmas festivities that consumed the entire next week, and it was already the end of 2008! We are officially no longer in the year that Grant was born (tear). Every year Matt and I go to the Lindner's house to celebrate New Year's Eve, and this year they opened their party to Grant, too! Grant was having a great time, however, we decided to drop him off at Grandma and Grandpa Gestl's house before bed time so mommy and daddy could party. : )

Later in the month Grant attended Katie Peppey's baby shower, and he had a blast hanging out with Eric.

Matt and I are so intrigued by Grant's milestones that he's reaching! He waves hi and bye to anyone and everyone everytime they are either coming or going. Sometimes it looks as if he is waving to himself, but most of the time his hand is turned the correct way. : ) Grant also is finally splitting his rolling time at least half way with crawling time. I still think rolling is his preferred mode of transportation, but he at least crawls some of the time. He also walks along the furniture pretty well now, and loves walking with his walker. The rest of Grant's month was spent trying to cut a tooth. That's where the "downs" of this month enter. Overall, Grant did really well (considering the circumstances), but holy cow did we feel bad for him!


Well, it finally happened. On January 16th, Grant's first tooth popped through! It was actually his top left one that decided to make the first debut. My first thought was "finally", however, it was FAR from being over at that point. The other front top one was following right behind along with BOTH bottom teeth and BOTH top incisors! My poor guy!

Happy New Year!

As I celebrated the end of 2008...I took a step back and realized that 2008 was the best year of my entire life so far. Here is why...

My 2008 in review...


Kissed Matt on New Year’s Eve and partied with a few of our best friends in our pjs.
Gave birth to a perfect son and realized a whole new kind of unconditional love.
Celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mother.
Voted in my third presidential election.
Celebrated my third wedding anniversary by falling in love all over again.
Was asked (with Matt) to be Godparents for a beautiful baby boy.
Stood up as a matron of honor twice in my two best friend’s weddings.
Found joy in laying on the living room floor with my family.
Spent a week relaxing in the Jamaican sun.
Celebrated my Grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Took nearly a million pictures of a smiling baby boy.
Had my oldest friend come visit from California.
Celebrated my Grandma’s 70th Birthday.
Sweat my butt off at a Brewer’s game with Matt and his parents and then witnessed them making the playoffs for the first time since ’82.
Watched as Aaron Rodgers became the Packer’s starting quarterback for the first time.

I should have known... was too good to be true. Literally two days after Grant turned 8 months old (and I was able to report that his first word was "mama" on his 8 month birthday blog), he started to say "dada". Now at first I was extremely happy because I know how it absolutely melted Matt's heart, however, Grant hasn't stopped saying it ever since! He says "dada" right when he wakes up, "dada" when he goes to bed and "dada" at every stop throughout the day. Boys!